2 April 2015

In case you missed my previous little peek into my life, read here. March is over, April fools is over, and I made it. :) Another month is coming up!

Look what I did the past month! I got a lot of food pictures so if you're hungry, take a bite first and read haha.


On my way to home with food! :)


I was on my way to the trainstation to pick up Hatice so we could hangout. I saw the flowers grow, and this looked so pretty! Just look at this :)


This teacher really loves cooking, and he went to a workshop. He made too much, and brought these with him. Really sweet!

What a pretty flower.


This is what happens when you do grocerys with your bike. I need to get my drivers license, but i'm pretty poor and I'm afraid tbh haha. :(

16/03/15 17/03/15

Today was the wedding day at this 4star restaurant and hotel in one ''Shang Hai Hotel'' at Delft (The Netherlands), this is the second time that I went here. The first time was when I came back from Spain with my mother and brother. It was really great, and I regret that I didn't took any pictures that day. And now I got my chance!

Great building!

 Look how pretty the entrance is, with a little bar and some tables and seats to hang out.

This was so pretty and SO huge!

The second floor.

I can't read chinese so.. :(

I didn't know the people

Jep. We ate a lot.

After picture haha.

''Selfie'' with my little niece Tjia Tjia.

The toilet looked so fancy. I had to take a quick snap haha, I couldn't make an overall picture because someone was changing a baby's diaper.

Random pictures of my fabulous shoes that I also posted on my instagram: @ruijunluonghttp://www.instagram.com/ruijunluong


Just a quick mirror selfie with my uncle haha.

Fancy hallway.

Fancy lift.


Mirror selfie at the school's toilet. I reviewed my case and my sweater! I love this sweater, it's so cute :)



Icecream with Sanneke, ay!! She took a better picture than me, check her on instagram :) @xsannn

And when I came home, I received some packages from Aliexpress! I will review them soon! :)


Working on a storyboard at school for a company that i'm setting up with some classmates and people from another Study! :)

This meat is bleeding. I had to take a picture.


Healthy food! Chicken with broccoli, some onions, paprika, and a fancy sauce. (Idk what the name was)

When I was on my way home with the bus, I took this beautiful picture with my phone.

And when I came ''home'', I went to Hatice and her mother gave us this. It was so delicious, I wanted more.


I hanged out with Hatice the next day, again haha. And we both bought this really good book about the golden ratio. Because we figured out that it was in both of our study's, she studies Architecture! She also bought some other books about Chakra's, and one about life I don't know? I also posted a picture of this set-up on my instagram, with a quote. It's Dutch, but it really makes sense I think haha.


It's pizza time! With my classmates Sanneke and Jasper. After this we were going to the premiere of a documentary called: ''A journey to the unknown''.

Blurry selfie with Sanneke.




Doing some nailart :) Check my review about the nail stones and studs here.

Today when I went to Michael :)

I hope you will have a great easter weekend and tomorrow it's ''Good Friday''. :) I don't celebrate easter, but if you do have fun!

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