11 December 2014

Yay another lens case review. And this one is a cookie! I picked a blue one but there are a lot of more cute pastel colors. I don't usually pick blue, but because it's like a pastel/baby blue color. I could give it a try. It looks the same on the pictures as the seller. 

Color: Blue
Material: Plastic
Size: 7.5*7.5*2.2cm.


This is how it looked like, with a little plastic bag over it. 

Without a plastic bag!




Here's where you open the cookie case! You just push on the "button" and it opens.

Then you can open the top. This is what I saw.

Without everything in it.

Everything that you get.

- Solution bottle
- Tweezers
- Stick connection
- Lens holder

Blue lens case.

Close-up pictures.

Tweezers. You're supposed to pick up the lenses from your eyes, out with this tool.

Stick connection.

You're supposed to put your lens on the spoon thingy, and then put it on your eyes.

This bottle is for lens solution so you can take it with you.


The shipping was normal. I got it 3 weeks after I paid the lens case.

The plastic bag over the case looked a little cheap, and you can easy break the case I think.

It's a hard case, and made from plastic. The mirror was a little dirty but you can always clean such things. It's well made and everything fits perfectly!

I love the design! Like I said, everything fits perfectly and it's well-made. I first didn't know where to open the case but then I figured it out. You have to push pretty hard to get it open.

I recommend it, you get so much handy tools with this case! And you're only paying $1,79 for it.


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