10 December 2014


On saturday November 29th, I went to this event called: "I LOVE BEAUTY". It was organised by the Dutch blogger called Miss Lipgloss. You can check her blog here! You can check the site of the I Love Beauty event here. These are dutch websites, so you need google translate here if you want to read the articles.

I went to the event because my niece asked me to help with her stand. She sells selfiesticks with bluetooth! These are really awesome. Check her website selfiestickonline.nl I still have to review these, but yeah I need some more time! The review will come with a cool givaway.

I just wanted to share this picture with you. I took this picture when I was walking to the event arount 10:30 in the morning. I really love the lighting in here, I changed it a little bit in Photoshop. But look at the result!

This is how the outside looks like, the event starts at 13:00 midday. So it's really early and only staff can come inside. That's what I thought.

When I walked in, there were no people in here. The door was open, you could just walk inside. My niece told me to wait here so she could pick me up. It was pretty weird because no one really helped me out, they just looked at me and walked away.

These two screens shows the way to the room where the event is. There weren't a lot of people from the stands. Some were empty or they had something over their stands.

Look at all these empty stands. Everyone is getting ready for 13:00.

I didn't know what you could do here, untill there were people. You could get a Pretty box for 7,99. You can also order here on prettybox.nl

I really love this set-up!

Cars next to the stage.

You could also get a "professional" photoshoot for just 25 euros haha. It must be really awkward to pose, because people are watching and looking. I wouldn't do it haha.

If you walked inside, this is the first thing you see. And nope, there are no people here yet! It's so empty.

I really like this pink fashion truck. :) I've never heard of them but it seems really cool.

Selfie wall!

And here's a little sneaky peek. They can't wait to get in! I was the only one standing here with a camera so that was a little awkward. I think there weren't a lot of bloggers on the event because I saw nobody really taking pictures or filming. They were looking at me and staring omg. :(


INGLOT'S stand.

My view during the day.

At the Selfie stick stand! With Harry Styles, Queen Bee, my niece Suzanne, her friend and boyfriend.

Yay people at the stand. We asked people if they want a little demonstration. People were watching in the distance and saying: "OMG HAHA SELFIESTICKS". A lot of people were ashamed haha. And some people were really excited which was really fun. :)

You can tweet selfiesticks at: xSelfiesticks or check their Facebook. You can find selfies from the people who tried it out.

This stand was filled with people. First I didn't want to buy something because there were just too many people around it. Everything was just €1. Lipstick, nailpolish, foundation, just everything you can think of.

In the end I came back, to buy 6 nailpolishes haha. I will review this!

The beauty blogger Cynthia from Miss Lipgloss signed here her book called: Cynthia's BEAUTY boek which is book in English. And that's not her on the chair btw haha.

Too many people, I couldn't take pictures here. You could buy Yankee Candles for €10.


Presentation from Marlou Volkerink, the owner of Follow Fashion. She talked about the hottest trends, from knitwear to the color bordeaux. It was fun to watch. 

This stand was fancy too, I really love how they putted the nailpolishes here. I need these racks too for my own collection haha. #goals

Yay people!

Remember there was no one here yet.

Jewellry. Who doesn't love jewels.

Awkward, I asked them if I could take pictures. And I already took one haha. :( But they said that it was okay. They got the jewellry from Spain.

I also saw 2 of my friends, I haven't seen them in years like always.

These are just too cute, I died.

Just look at the ones with the cat heads haha.

Yay more.

Random stand where you could buy perfume, mascara, nailpolish and more make-up.

This set-up was cute. Maybe a little too much. But what can you do in this little space. 

This just looks so weird. You could get lash extentions here. What if someone stumbled and fell on them... I mean this doesn't look really save at all.

Eye lifter? I don't know if this works, but why should I try now haha.


Marc Ibane. Never heard of this brand, you can really tell i'm not a real beauty lover haha.


I really like the cash register. So oldschool and nice!

Here you could get your hair curled. I didn't want to do it, the girl asked me if I wanted to but I didn't really want to sit there and do nothing awkwardly. I also just wanted to take some pictures haha.

Funny fact: I was taking this picture, on the next one he stepped aside because he didn't want to be in the picture. I told him it was too late haha.

These are products from the Amazon. All natural and they smell pretty good. You can also check their website: floresdaamazonia.nl

Philosophy. Ughhhh so expensive.

Random picture from Rimmel London.


I couldn't really find anything, there wre just too many racks and I wasn't really interested haha. 

Shoes everywhere.

That dinosour was so cute. If you pushed on his body the head and eyes moved. I got it on video.

Random stand.

There's no one here?!

So free potatoes haha.


There were two stands that sold these crystal pads. You could get a demonstration. I was really impressed about the result and it didn't really hurt at all!

I will post a review soon on my blog.

So many people.

I like the graphics!

"High tea" set thingy.

The restaurant is from the place itself: "Ijselhallen".

This is what I got.

Rating is 1 to 5 stars.

The room itself of the event wasn't really spectaculair, the pink floors were cute. But they didn't really add special things to the room. I also thought that it was really small. It was more like a shop trip instead of a beauty event. You couldn't really do anything, only if you signed up for the workshops. Ofcourse, I couldn't join these workshops because I was helping Suzanne.

The food was good. But it was also too expensive, it wasn't really worth the money really. The drinks were €3, also for the people who had a stand. They couldn't even think about that? So rude.

I don't know why the airconditioning is always really shitty at conventions and events. Can't they do something about that? I always get a headache because of the bad airconditioning. It's always getting too hot in there because of all the people crowding at one place.

There are two places where you could sit. At the beginning of the event and the end of the event. Both at the corners. I think that's a great idea, the one at the beginning is from the building itself and the other place is from a stand holder.

I have to write this again because I accidently deleted the text... There was enough staff, except for the beginning. Like I said, there was no one there when I came in in the morning. Pretty bad right. A

There weren't a lot of goodies. I've also read some blogs about the event, and they got some goodies from the workshops. I think you only get some goodies if you participateat workshops, but you also have to pay for that..

The I love beauty event didn't really felt like a beauty event. It was more like a shopping trip. I think you really need to participate for workshops if you want to have fun, and get some good advice and stuff. You couldn't really do anything at the event itself, only checking the stands out and listen to some speakers. Mostly bloggers. I couldn't listen to them all, well I could listen but not watch and listen haha.

It looks like I give all the events and conventions a low rating. It's just because of the overexpensive food, and there's nothing to do really. Just walking and buying some useless things haha. Well, I bought crystal pads to remove hair and 2 duvet covers.

I also don't like the fact that the people on these events doesn't even want to communicate. They only want to talk to you if they want you to buy something. They're not really social. I really expected more from this event. I thought that it would be more fun and cooler than this. Couldn't they give more thought on this event? Maybe some more decorations, or cool goodies from the event itself. Plushies with I love beauty or something. Or maybe they didn't had the money for this kind of stuff... I also thought that the room would be way bigger, but later I saw that they got another "main stage". I didn't went there so I can't tell. I hope the other events will be better, where I'll be going to.

The video!

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