22 June 2016

I am in no way, an expert in nail art. But, I really like to do my nails and experiment with it. I will review 2 products from in this blogpost. A clear jelly nailstamper, with a pink scraper and also their own created nail scraper.

Links to the products:
Jelly nailstamper $2.99
Bornprettystore nail scraper  $0.99

It's been a long time since I tried stamping my nails, because they didn't really work. I got all my supplies from the make-up brand Essence. Which is really affordable, and which I recommend. But the problem was, that their nailstamps were not really great. I first bought my nail stamp products in 2012.. so it's been a loooong time!

Here are some pictures of the products. 

Bornpretty's own nail scraper. You get 2, for only $0.99.

When I wanted to try the stamper with the scraper I failed. It wasn't perfect. The plastic scraper doesn't work that well. It isn't accurate enough. And that's why I wanted to review Bornpretty's own nail art scraper. The reviews were so good! I had to try them myself.

First, I start with my basecoat. (don't mind my nails, they always break!)
This basecoat is from HEMA, number 06.

The second layer is this gorgeous matte black from W7, number 56 MATT BLACK.

Then I tried the stamper and the nail art scraper from Bornprettystore with a glittery nailpolish. (OPI I sea you) That didn't really work out haha. But when I used my white nailpolish (Miss Sporty, Et voila nail tip whitener) it worked! Look at this. It isn't perfect, but I think I still need to work on my stamp skills. 

This is how my nailart looks like. The silver studs are also from Bornprettystore. They got a lot of gorgeous nailart stuff!


Now it's time to rate everything!

I'm always happy with the shipping of Bornprettystore, it's never too late!

I will give the jelly stamp itself 4 stars, because huge plates with patterns won't work for me. Or the plates are just crap. I used plates from the brand Essence. Little designs are doing it better, and they work! 

The stamp itself has 2 parts. The jelly stamp part, and the plastic part. You can clean the jelly stamp really easily because you can take it out. I would recommend cleaning the stamp before using it.

The scraper that came with the jelly stamp, is not worth it. I would totally recommend you to get the clear transparent scraper from Bornprettystore themself.

Yess! I would give them 5 stars, because it is accurate and easy to use. It works perfectly!


I also have a discount code for you: ''Junt10'', and you're ready to go with the 10% off! It is valid at any time with any products (except the discounted items).

Sophie said...

I do not bother doing my nails without some sort of pattern on top. So a Jelly Stamp certainly qualifies! I am glad you also appreciate the beauty of putting the little bit extra effort. :)

Nena / said...

Aaah ik wou echt dat ik het geduld en vooral de handigheid had voor nail art!

love, Turn it inside out

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