3 July 2016

In this post I am going to review 2 things. The main thing is the termal nailpolish from Bornprettystore, I just love the colors and the transitions. The color I got is light blue and purple. This is the first termal nailpolish I ever got.

Nail Cuticle Remover $0.85
Termal nailpolish

This is how the nail cuticle remover tool looks like. It is a really handy tool, and inexpensive.

The first thing I did is, putting on Rejuvacote for a base. 

After putting on the basecoat, I used the nail cuticle remover. It works, but I think I prefer using my nails. It is easier for me.

After using the nail cuticle remover tool, I put on one of my favorite nail polishes I own. OPI I Sea You. I think blue nailpolishes really do the right job with this termal nailpolish.

I put around 3 to 4 coats to cover the OPI nailpolish.

The termal nailpolish is dry.

Over the termal nailpolish, I put on Rejuvacote again to finish it off.

When your hands/nails are warm the color is a really pretty blue.

And if your hands/nails are warm, your nails will turn purple.


Now it's time to rate everything!

I'm always happy with the shipping of Bornprettystore, it's never too late!

I will give the jelly stamp itself 4 stars, because huge plates with patterns won't work for me. Or the plates are just crap. I used plates from the brand Essence. Little designs are doing it better, and they work! 

The corverage isn't so good. It won't cover in 1 or 2 coats, it has to be 3 or more. 

I love it! It has glitters, big and tiny. I think they look really pretty all together. The transition from blue to purple, is just gorgeous! 

I will give it 3 stars, because you need to be patient if you want to put the termal nailpolish. It doesn't chip really fast, so that's a plus aswell. I would really recommend it. It is so fun when you wash your hands because of the colors that change.


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