6 October 2014

It's the first monday of the month October! I got 10 different dresses prepared, for whatever occassion. Too bad that the weather is getting worser so you can't show off these cute dresses! But you can still buy them haha.

If you're new on my blog, click on the website "EBAY - $8.99" for example. You will be redirected to the site. This works the same on other shops in my "LOOK A LIKES FROM EBAY" posts.

I'm a big fan of Ebay, and I can't guarentee that the items will look exactly like the picture. I'm not a seller or something and I don't sponsor Ebay or the sellers on Ebay. I just want to share these great items with you guys.

In case you missed my previous posts about LOOK A LIKES FROM EBAY.

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