8 October 2014

Double eyelid tape. Some people think it's really stupid, and some people think it's smart so you don't have to get a surgery for double eyelids. But does double eyelid tape really works? I will test this!

This is a picture of my eyes without any make-up on. You can clearly see that I have two different eye lids. On the left side there is none and on the right side ofthe picture you see a little bow.

I got my double eyelid tape from Ebay. There are a lot different sellers but  I bought this one. This one is $0.99 for 50 pairs.

This is what it looks like.

In this close-up picture you can see that there's a print on it.

Here's a picture from the seller. You can see a little tutorial how to put them on. I don't have that little thing that helps you to put on the tape. You can just use your fingers. The pictures from the seller looks exactly like the real product.

It's different for every person how you put the tape on your eyes. Because you saw that I got different eyelids. If you practise and see what's best, it will look natural. 

Here you can see the difference with an without double eyelid tape. And yes, the lighting is different on both photo's. I'm sorry for that. 

Close-up picture. The tape is obvious. I recommend to use make-up if you want to wear the double eyelid tape.

In the next serie photo's i'm wearing Maybelinne color tattoo white and Catrice Liquid eyeliner. It's still hard to put on the make-up, but the tape makes it easier so you can finally put the eyeshadow color you want on it haha.

There are little parts of the skin that folds up underneath the tape. You still have to put on the whole eye your make-up on. Even on these parts.

Daylight. Double eyelid tape on both eyes, one with make-up and one without make-up.

Double eyelid tape on both eyes, with make-up and my glasses.

Double eyelid t ape on both eyes, with make-up and without glasses.

Night time, with flash and yellow lighting.

Once again you can see the differences but, this time I added a picture with make up on.

I was really surprised with the results, and it was really "weird" to me seeing myself with double eyelids haha. I really got much bigger eyes than I naturally have, and plus I got my eye make-up on which makes them even bigger. I really recommend trying the double eyelid tape and yes, it sure does work!

If you liked this post, and want a demostration of how I put the double eyelids on plus the make-up. Leave a comment, so I know you're interested. :) 

Carmen Varner said...

This post is interesting. We never realize that sometimes we have things that others want & others have things we want. :] // ☼ ☯

yonish said...

I always debated whether I should rely on eyelid tape. I never tried it but I should just to see how I look with double lids and for fun! I've grown to love my monolids, haha.

My friend actually used to have monolids but now has double lid permanently by having them on during the night!!

But the transformation is crazy! Thanks, I'll probably try it out and buy it from ebay!

Also email me! I would love to get your help in creating those business cards!! --

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