5 October 2014

A lot things happend last month. I can't believe it's already October! Or Vlogtober for the YouTubers haha, I think I can't handle Vlogtober because it's a lot of work and I don't have a lot of time to vlog everyday ánd edit to put it online on the same day. I also don't think I have interesting things to show you during this month because my internship takes a lot of space in one day. After that I eat dinner and work on my blog or play games. Maybe I will do Vlogtober next year. 

Let me start with this cute restaurant in "Coevorden" called "Ali Baba". The owners are really sweet and they make great food. The interior looks really great. This is the second time that I visited this restaurant. The owners are really good friends with Michael's dad. 

I took the pictures with my phone.

On our way to the restaurant. 

The owner painted these walls herself, I think it looks really cool and it matches the style.

I got some salad, potatoes and shawarma. 

I really like the lights! 

Michael brought me bubble tea and sushi after I finished my day after my internship. It was delicious. It's from a new sushi restaurant here called "Konbu sushi". You can check the Facebook here. The bubble tea is also from a new restaurant, it's a vietnamese restaurant called "Thu Thiem". Where Michael works.  It's next to the sushi restaurant and the people are really nice!

Maybe I should make hot spot reviews where I review restaurants and stuff like that. :)

There was a lunch room called "Tasty" who was bankrupt. They made everything so cheap so they can sell their inventory before they close.

I had a "Tasty burger" and this is what it looks like. It was so big, I couldn't ate it all but it was pretty good. Only the meat was a bit pink, I really can't stand that to be honest haha.

Some of my choker necklaces that I created! Wondering how to create one yourself? Here's the link. I also posted this on my instagram.

Last tuesday I had a dinner with my brother and my niece in the vietnamese restaurant  "Thu Thiem" I talked about. I had "Pho" a vietnamese soup with noodles and meat. It was fun to see them again because we're all so busy and live far away.


"Behind the scenes" where I take my outfit photo's. I'm also having hair clips on my shoes, I think it's a cute detail to make my favorite boots just a little bit different.

Friday I was waiting for the bus on the bustop. I had my ripped jeans on, and I thought it was a good card holder haha.

And ofcourse I received products from Ebay! This product is from Korea. It's called: "Baviphat" a whitening sleeping creme. I read a few reviews about this product and they were positive. I was wondering if it also worked on my skin, so I bought it to try it out. 

I really didn't know why the spoon was here when I opened it. Michael saw a video of Bubzbeauty and said that you had to put it on your face with the spoon and had to smear it out. I think the spoon is too tiny, it can just fall in the creme.

You have to put it on your face before you go to sleep, and if you wake up you have to wash it off. This product smells so good, I just want to eat it haha.

I'm also buying a lot of make-up lately. I bought the Maybelinne Khôl eyeliner, and then this broke. I didn't even had this product for 5 minutes. I was so dissapointed, but I called the headquaters of the drugstore where I bought it. They said that I could bring the product back to the shop if I had my receipt.

So I went to the store the next day because it was already 6 o'clock, the stores closes on this time. And the women in the store said that they doesn't return make-up because of hygiene. I understand that, but it was so unfair if I couldn't return the item or get a new product. When I even called the headquaters. In the end I could return the eyeliner, so I was relieved.

I asked my good friend Tamara who loves make-up and knows a lot about it what I should get instead. She recommended this gel eyeliner from Maybelinne.

This is how it looks like.

You get the gel liner itself, it's soft and creamy and a little brush. I honestly think that the brush isn't that good. There are few hairs that are sticking out, this is so annoying when you try to put the eyeliner on. It also pricks on your skin.

It was the first time using this kind of eyeliner, I mostly use Catrice liquid eyeliner. Besides the eyeliner i'm wearing Rimmel London Cutting edge 210.

At first it was a little hard how to make a good wing with the brush and the eyeliner.

This month I also bought Maybelinne color tattoo in white. Tamara also recommended this product. It's pretty expensive but there was a good deal: 1+1 for all maybelinne eye make-up. So I bought this one and that ugly khôl liner which I returned for the gel liner.

This month I will review this selfie stick and give away one for you guys! 

I'm thinking about bleaching my hair again! Maybe with some color in the ends. I still don't know yet. I got bleaching powder and hydrogen peroxide (12%).

I received new hairclips, similar to my old ones but with a pastel pink rose on it.

This week I also received my business cards I ordered and that I designed myself. I received a lot of positive feedback already, what do you think about it?

I hope you liked this little peek of my life! Up to the next one for this month October.

yona l said...

Wow! I love your diy chokers even more!!
May I ask, where can you find the crystal pendants? I want to put it as my cellphone strap- ugh, so cute.

omg maybelline gel eyeliner is awesome! It's a great tool for monolid eyes (I also have them too) ^^

Also your design for the business cards is really awesome! Hard to believe you designed it yourself , keke.

Sarah - Tasting Lifestyle said...

The burger looks yummie! I like your business cards, good luck!

Sarah - Tasting Lifestyle


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