19 July 2014

Daisy flowers are for the spring, and sunflowers are for the summer. This summer there are many shops who sell this print. I also wrote a post about the daisies which made a comeback from the 90's. You haven't read it? Look at the links here down below. I also created a list with how to wear the daisy print. Well now let's go back to this new trend.

Check the 90's post here.
Check the daisy trend flower post here.

A lot of different high street wear shops are selling this print for example Asos, TopShop, New Look and Nelly. Make sure you disable your adblock for this post.

Look forward to my next "LOOK A LIKES FROM EBAY" post. I will put a whole post with items with a sunflower print in it. For the new followers, i'm posting those on every monday so make sure to check it out!

Here are 8 different outfits that I created, on how to wear this fabulous and fun print.

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