20 July 2014

I just want to show you my love for the new Bershka collection. First, look at this adorable bag! I saw it was a limited edition, and I don't know how big it is. But this bag is just adorable. I love how Bershka is creating original and cool items. Mostly they stick with the same concept or almost the same graphic tee's and effects. They're trying to follow the trends, and ask for a reliable price.

Here's my list of Bershka's new collection. If you're interested in buying the items in this list, just click on the price.


The second item that I adore are those three necklaces. I don't know if they stick on eachother or if they're three single necklaces. Either way, I love the soft colors and the stones.


Those sandals are just perfect for this summer. I can totally see myself wearing those.


I think this shirt is simple but really cool. I would wear this with a high waisted item such as a high waisted skirt or short, so I can put the shirt in it.

These two are really awesome shirts. I think I would wear them oversized and buy 1 or 2 sizes bigger than my normal size. Or if it's already oversized, I won't have to buy it bigger.

The paint splatters are simple but cool. It reminds me of the work of the Dutch Designer Sepehr Maghsoudi. He created some pieces with paint splatters. It looked really cool. You should totally check him out.

What is your favorite item?

Petra said...

de tas vind ik superschattig....

Guilty Hyena said...

I dig the paint splatter jumper and the Candy soda popcorn tee!

Always forget to check out Bershka online, since our local store closed down!

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