17 July 2014

Today I wore this really cool "Fashion Simpsons shirt", with the drawings from Alexsandro Palombo. If you're interested in his work check his site here. He is a really talented and awesome fashion illustrator. 

I got this shirt on Ebay for $19.99 including shipping, I got this shirt after 2 weeks. You can get it here. The top is ONE SIZE, and it's pretty short. I think it's a European size S or a big XS. I'm really happy with it, and it looks great on black my black skater skirt from H&M.

The shirt is well made but I think that you should be careful with putting this shirt in the washing machine. Because they just put the characters on the shirt, it's not in the fabric.

No edit. 

Here I used the drawings from Alexandro Palombo which are also on the shirt. I also got a really cool tattoo choker necklace with a silver cross on it for $1.19 including shipping. You can get it here.

Carmen Varner said...

This is such an awesome shirt. I love anything Simpsons. :] // ☼

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