15 July 2014

I ordered this totally awesome Yin Yang Choker necklace on Ebay for just $0.99 including shipping. U can buy it here. I was really surprised that the shipping was fast. I ordered it on July 4th 2014, and it arrived on July 15th 2014. It only took 2 weeks to get here.

Of course I was thrilled to try the necklace. I put it on and it wasn't really a choker necklace, it looked more like a "little necklace". The wire was a bit wrinkled, because the seller fold the necklace. I thought it looked pretty ugly. I wanted to fix it but then I broke it.

This is the picture from the seller on ebay. The necklace really looked like this when it arrived. 

I know the quality is really, really bad because I toke this one with my phone. But you can see the damage right?

The wire is really thick and it was hard to put it back on. I don't have any supplies to work with here at my boyfriend. So I tried it with a flat screw and a really big pliers. I also cut a big piece of wire off the necklace. It worked and it looks pretty good. You can't see that I messed it up haha.

This is the end result of my little DIY thing haha.

Maybe I will cut some more wire off, so it would be a real choker necklace. But it's worth the $0.99, I just had to be more careful with it. There are two sides of the Yin Yang pendant, that's pretty good. I can see that the paint isn't great, there are little black dots on the white side.

What do you think of this necklace?

Brittany Ting said...

well from far away it won't really matter so it was worth the price (: haha

xoxo http://afaithinfashion.blogspot.com

Zeynab M said...

I can't believe it was only 99p, it looks really cute and simple really nice for everyday.

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