Born Pretty Wishlist + 10% DISCOUNT

20 February 2014

Let me introduce you to a really awesome store, they got everything! Lenses, stuff for nail art, clothes, school supplies, and so much more. Here's my wishlist! The price is really low, so you can get a lot stuff without paying too much. The best thing is... they ship for free world wide!

You can use my coupon code: JUNT10 and get 10% OFF for your purchase. You can use it with everything in the webshop!

Leather backpacks are a must, i'm still trying to find the perfect one were also fits my laptop. I need to find it! This is an example of a really cool leather backpack. The design is modern and really cool. I guess you can basically wear this with everything. I think I can! This backpack is $29.13.

This is a pretty cool statement necklace. Maybe is Halloween over, but skeleton items can you wear all the time. This item is just $2.99! The webshop has a lot of cool stuff for a really good price, that's what we love.

I just have one circle lenses, but those cases. They're adorable! I really love the cute cases, Born Pretty has also other lovely cases for your lenses. It's also a great gift, with or without lenses. They look cute! They're $2.99.

Isn't this earcuff awesome? It's a dragon! It's a real statement, they got it in silver and gold for $2.20.

I'm seeing this a lot in the shops, some are expensive and some are not. I think this is the cutest thing I've ever seen as ear cap pluggers. You put it in the headseat plug thingy in your phone or something. When you don't use it. Born pretty has those cute cat pluggers for just $1.59!

Crosses and rings, mixed together. I still love them. This one is just for $0.99, it's a lovely accesssory. They got it in black and silver.

DONT FORGET: You can use my coupon code: JUNT10 and get 10% OFF for your purchase. You can use it with everything in the webshop!

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