1 March 2014

February is over, and it's March! The time goes fast. Holiday is almost over for me, so it's time for school again. School can be boring in many ways, but your outfit doesn't have to be. Wear a comfortable and cool outfit. A funky sweater, with a basic pants. I totally love the wing backpack, i'm still searching for a black leather backpack. But I can't find one anywhere, or they are overpriced. I want to make one for myself so I can show you guys how to make them! I'm still planning to do a DIY, if I can find a black leather backpack which isn't overpriced. Enjoy your weekend/holiday while you can!

AlittlebitUnique // UK blog said...

Those shoes are AMAZING!! Wish I could pull them off

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Danai Vorgia said...

Ooh lovely lovely!

thank you for your comment!

I do want to let you know that I have moved my blog to tumblr
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I am following you for sure!

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