A little peek into my life

29 January 2014

Oh gosh, it's almost... what? My birthday. say what? My 18th birthday. 1 February it is. I'm almost a young adult, me being an "adult". Nah. It still feels like i'm 12 years old. The time flies by, in no time you're just like me sitting here like: "What... is it 2014 already?" "What, am I 18 already?". People are asking what you want to do in the future, when you get your driver license, or when you're gonna have an appartment. Well, I don't really know. "What will you be in 5 years." asked my teacher, my answer was: "Maybe am I catlady with 100 cats, or am I a homeless person." Hey, I don't know! We had to make two things about this topic. In "things" I mean, 2 graphic products. The first thing that we had to make was Typographing the sentence "What will I be in 5 years" (Dutch). The second thing was to answer the question, and you could do whatever you want. A moodboard, photoshop yourself with million euros or other creative stuff. This is what I made:

Wondering what my answer was, or what I made? I have an appartment in a cool neighbourhood, with an awesome car in the front of my house. I'm still studying, i'm travelling and seeing the world. I'm married with my boyfriend Michael, and I have a cute child. But i'm still doing my hobbies like drawing, sewing and designing in my spare time or even.. my work! A busy life right? 

It's just like now, but i'm way older and living my dream basically. Doing what I like and with the person I love. Happily after. Or not? What will it be. That's the cool thing about the future. You can fantasize about everything in the world. But will you get it? That's up to you, what you're doing right now. So, it's basically doing your best on school and do what you like. They say: Hard work pays off. And it is.

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