A little peek into my life 2

2 February 2014

Birthday's are so stressfull. Like buying your birthday cake and food that everyone likes, checking if there are enough plates - little things like that. Walk until your legs hurts. It's just one day a year. So I can live with that. Not that it isn't fun. It is, getting awkward birthday kisses and presents haha. I can't forget about the big family I have, the whole living room was filled with people. It was cozy and fun this year. Once again, thanks coming and the presents! I actually celebrated my birthday on Friday 31 January on Lunar New Year/ Chinese New Year. The year of the Horse!

@Rotterdam Central Station

The next day, my actual birthday date: 1 February. I went shopping with my boyfriend in Rotterdam, he paid! I got some awesome items, I was actually searching for a high waisted acid washed jeans. I couldn't find the perfect one. The high waisted jeans in H&M are not really high waisted. They're more like low fitted jeans. In the end I got some black boots from H&M, a denim skater skirt from Primark, a black sweater (Michael got the same as me) Matching! And a black high waisted pants from H&M.

We actually wore matching beanies with "WOLF" on it. From the K-Pop band "EXO". I got my beanies sponsored from Rosewholesale.com (I'm gonna write another post about it!)
We ate at a really cool decorated Kantonese restaurant called: "Tai Wu". We couldn't eat all the food, because we ordered like 4 dishes!

Michael's favorite: "Mapo doufu"

I thought it was really cute when Michael put my new boots on my feet. I felt like cinderella. Michael wore his new clothes, and the matching sweater. I really enjoyed my 18th birthday, a good start for a "young adult"

Lacy Rose said...

Sounds like you had a really nice day on your birthday! That's so cute how you and your boyfriend wore matching clothes xP


Lillian QX said...

Happy birthday! Looks like you had a lot of fun :)

Lillian from RUSTYHEAD

Anonymous said...

SO JELLY! Your boyfriend is hot.

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