Got my first polaroid camera

5 February 2014

Hooray, I bought my first Polaroid camera! Old school polaroids, I love it! I really like the mysterious touch on the pictures which were made with those polaroid camera's. It gives you that old school vibe. They don't make those camera's anymore, but a Dutch company called: Impossible still make those films. Films do you put in the camera's, it's a battery and they're instant photo's. They're a bit pricey, they cost like 22 euros (24 dollars) for 1 package which contains 8 pictures. So that's 2,50 for one picture. The type of my camera is: Polaroid 636. The second picture is the box with the film in it. As you can see is it a film for the 600 type camera's which I have. Impossible created some cool types which you can use: black and white, color, silver and more.

You can't shoot pictures like you do on a digital camera. You can't see, or delete the picture before they print. It just comes right away when you take a picture. So you have to check everything before you shoot, the lighting the position - everything. Or you can shoot a lot, but it costs you a lot of money. And you don't know if the photo's will look the same as you expected. I think it's a big challenge, to start with this type of photography.

If you have some tips for me, leave a message down below!

Anonymous said...

Where did you bought your polaroid?

Haeme Robecca said...

Love Polaroid cameras! I want one desperately! thanks for your comment! Let me know if you would like to follow each other! xx

Nena said...

Zo leuk! Veel plezier ermee

Saija Sasetar said...

Oooh! I've always wanted a polaroid! <3 You're so lucky! :D

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