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17 February 2014

The 90's, the begin of the new generation: 00's. I was just a little kid. But I remember some TV-shows that I loved to watch, I also remember those artists like: Spice Girls, Backstreetboys or the Vengaboys. Nowadays, we're trying to get the feeling back. Crop tops are all over the internet, Dr Martens boots are all hyped up, and jelly shoes are trying to get back in fashion.


I haven't seen those in years until now, I really thought they were so ugly. I didn't want them on my feet when I had my swimming exam, but I had to. I still think they're ugly, I won't ever buy them for myself. If I do, I won't even wear it once. To be honest, 26 euros for those jelly sandals are a bit too much. I think Top Shop is too overpriced sometimes. I also don't know why they're back.

On the top of this post you see a picture of the movie: Clueless. I watched this movie a few days ago, because I saw this movie coming up on a lot of posts in my timeline. After I watched this movie, I saw some things of the movie Mean Girls in it. I guess the makers of Mean Girls were inspired of the movie Clueless. As you can see on the picture, you can see they wore a lot of plaid. Plaid on plaid! We still wear it today.

What the cool guys wore back in the 90's? Backward caps, sweaters, baggy jeans, and tee's. Guess what, it's still the same nowadays. Exept the baggy jeans. It's now skinny jeans all the way.


Movie: Clueless


You must remember Gwen Stefani, she was the star back in the 90's. She was all over the TV, her music videos were it on MTV. Now is Miley Cyrus as you know, in the 90's vibe (I guess) she also wears a lot raver buns. Like at the MTV VMA's 2013.


Bubble backpacks... are back! Seen at the TV-Show: Lizzy Mcguire, I really liked this show. It was funny, and I liked the funny drawings of Lizzy. I saw those backpacks at, they're a bit transparant. There are also full transparant backpacks (Clear backpacks). They look really awesome, but everyone can see what's actually in your back. So watch out! Just like the transparant clutch what also pretty trending is in the bloggers world.

Lizzy Mcguire

Just do it like the Spice Girls back in the 90's. They are trending more than ever, platform shoes are it. You have wear high platforms, but you can also take it easy with this trend. High street fashion labels like H&M and Monki just added a few centimeters on the shoe. I totally adore this trend to be honest. I wear creepers with a little platform, and platform sneakers from H&M. They fit every outfit.


You see, a lot of things are coming back to 2014! What's your favorite trend back in the 90's, what will you wear and what not?

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