DIY: Organizing origami boxes

18 February 2014

I made a really easy, quick and cheap tutorial. Little boxes to organize your jewelry/accessoires box. I'm using them for my earrings, so I can find them quick and easy.

What do you need?

- Just origami sheets, that's all!

*I toke those pictures with my cellphone because I lend my camera to my niece. So, sorry if the quality disturbs you! 
*The steps 8 and 12 are missing because I made some mistakes during photoshopping them. I hope it doesn't disturbs you while following the steps.

(There is no step 8)

(There is also no number 12)

Do not steal my pictures.

LaraBeTheOne said...

Super lovely! <3

Lacy Rose said...

What a cute idea! But I'd much rather buy gift boxes and use those instead xP

Czarina Mae said...

Really creative and easy! This will be super useful because I always have missing earrings. They're just so easy to lose!

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