21 July 2015

I always post the Tuesday inspiration on this day, but I just wanted to put this video online! Yays. I did a tag again, in a video :) Video's are so fun, I think I will also just upload the take outs from the First Look video from last year. But that was ages ago, I know, I know. I'm just really lazy, but I just like to edit some things. My businesscards also arrived yesterday, finally! I also designed some for Michael but it wasn't the ''right one'', so we had to call and order and all that stuff.. It was a lot of work, but we figured it out.

I also want to film a eyeliner tutorial like I said in my vlog haha. When I watch my own videos, sometimes I be like: why did I do that. But I would just put it online hahah, because sometimes i'm like afraid of the comments or w/e. But I just want to be me, and nobody else.

Look at this thumbnail, it's so funny:

I want to do some more tags, which one should I do? I found this on google when I searched for ''tags'' or ''YouTube tags'', I forgot.

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