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12 July 2017

I really have a bag addiction, I just can't get enough of them. Most of the time I buy backpacks because they are so handy. Now i'm more into bum bags or shoulder bags, sometimes I don't always want to bring a lot of stuff with me. Here I have 5 favorite bags from Banggood listed. Which one is your favorite?

Small backpack

I think these small backpacks like this are the cutest thing ever! I also love the different colors they come in. I'm not sure if this pink is the right pink, but I would love to have the pastel pink one.


Regular backpack

This simple backpack with zippers on the sides is perfect for school! A tablet and a book will fit perfectly. I love the gold details on the bag.


Cat handbag

If you love cats as much as I do, it is a must have!! Just look at how cute this small bag is. If you don't like to use this as a hand bag, you can also use it as a cross over/shoulder bag.


Minimal backpack

If you don't like a lot of details on your bag, this is the perfect fit. They have it in brown, black and dark red.


Bunny bag

Ahhhh! Isn't this the cutest bag you've ever seen? The rabbit ear detail is just too cute! It's just a small detail that makes the bag so adorable.

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~ RJ

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