5x how to wear kitten heels

11 July 2017

I never really understood kitten heels. I think they are an interesting concept, in my 21 years of living I have never owned a pair. Maybe I never will. I have seen a lot of pictures of people wearing them, but I just still don´t get them haha. Styling the kitten heels was a challenge for me, but a good one I think. In the years my style also changed a lot, I think I could never style them a few years back. I think I might purchase one when i´m 40 or something haha. You never know what will happen. All the kitten heels are from fsjshoes. FSJ Shoes was launched in 1998, they insists on the quality and upholds the excellent high standard of crafts. You can even customize your own shoe!


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~ RJ

Colleen Dolan said...

These outfits are pretty cool! I think my favorite is the first one because the red gives the outfit a pop of color. Awesome post :)


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