How to organize your own event/party?

20 July 2017

Paperless Post asked me to write a post about how I organize an event. How do I get ready for it, what do I prepare and how I invite my guests. The thing about organizing an event is, it takes a lot of work! I think about all the small details months before the actual event. For example my birthday party, it's been too long since I organized one for myself. When I organized that, I send a customized digital invitation with a picture of me and all the information. Oh, it was way back! I just got into my Graphic Design study so I totally wanted to make the invitation by myself haha. I think it's been around 4 years since I organized that party. When writing this post it made me realize I should organize my birthday parties again, maybe I will next year.

I really love paper invitations, you can feel them and touch them. It's a real thing that you can keep and hold. Just like Christmas cards, I love getting them and holding them. A few years ago it was normal to get paper cards but in time it changed into digital cards. I think it's a lot easier to do, you just send an e-mail with an invitation... and it's done! You only have to wait for a reply, even if you are sending an actual card they won't send a card back to say that they are coming or not haha. In these times they just send a Facebook message or Whatsapp message. I think invitations are an important part of organizing the actual event, they know a little bit what theme of the event is going to be. Paperless post has a lot of different cards and invitations to choose from, whether you are going to send them digitally or by post.

Before sending any invitations you have to know when the event is, where you are going to have the event. Is it going to be at your home or somewhere else? Call away if you want to rent a place. It's also important who you are going to invite. If you are going to send the invitations digitally you have to know their e-mail adresses, phone numbers or social profiles. Or if you prefer sending post invitations you have to know their adresses and if you don't have that you have to ask for it. Most of the time they will ask you why you need their adresses which is less of a surprise.

How do I pick an outfit?

When it's almost time to get ready, I always pick a few outfits and try them on. When I finally decided what to wear, I might change the outfit again haha. Maybe another shirt or skirt, no earrings or different ones. Of course it depends on what the theme of the party is, if they have a dresscode: stick to that! It would be so awkward to wear red in a black and white party. I think it's also weird if no one sticks to the dresscode.. why would there be a dresscode in the first place?

Dresscode ideas

So if we are talking about having a dresscode, what dress codes are we thinking of? I have some ideas if you are hosting the event yourself. I also picked the invitation card for it to match them. How convenient right?

70's party

Back to the (insert year) is always a fun idea to do. Why don't you held a 70's theme party where you can wear flower crowns and an all flower everything outfit! Taking photos in a 70's setting with vintage seats and some 70's music.

Link to card.

Pool party

How cute is this card! The drawings are taken from above with some cute floating pool chairs. Fun pool chairs like unicorns and pizzas are really trendy right now! So if you have any, go throw a pool disco party!
People could wear swimwear, I bet everyone has those. Fun and easy!

Link to card.

Unicorn party

If you love magical things and unicorns as much as I do myself, unicorn party it is! People could dress up as a princess and prince, or even an unicorn kigurumi.

Link to card.

Gold party

Even though this is a wedding invitation, you could always use it for something else. How about a classy gold suit and tie party. Gala dresses and fancy fingerfood.

Link to card.

If you know when, where, and who is coming you can plan what food and drinks to buy. I made a list what you should totally not forget to buy. For example: don't forget to buy your decorations! It's always fun to decorate, you could buy or make your own decorations. I also added some more handy information to make organizing your event easier so you won't forget anything.

You can download and print the checklist for free. :)

What kind of event are you going to organize? Are you going to have a theme or is it just a party for fun? Maybe a BBQ party since it's nice outside, or a housewarming because you just moved. Let me know what you think of the check list and if you used it.

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~ RJ

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