20 February 2016

T-shirt Item Number: SV023136


AHH Here's another shoot with my old hair. Totally need to shoot soon.. when I get the time for it. I really miss blogging. Taking pictures, and writing. I can't keep it up anymore, because i've been so busy lately.. i'm really sorry!! I hope you like this simple look.

I love wearing pink, that's why i'm wearing a coat and a top from it. It's my first pink plain top, and I think it's adorable. This one is from DEALSALE, which is an app where you can shop. It's really affordable. The skirt i'm wearing is from Dress link, also a really affordable website. I think you can wear the top and skirt in many different ways, since I always create lots of looks with details.. here's a simple one! Casual is cool too. :) The coat is currently my favorite item of this month. I've been wearing it almost every day since I got it!

LadyCrazy Loop said...

This look is amazing <3

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