12 February 2016

 DealSale Website: http://bit.ly/1P8q2gl 
70% off - IOS: http://apple.co/1Sjux5s 
70% off - Android: http://bit.ly/1P8q8o3
TOP - Tank Top Item Number: CB034708

I'm currently not really active on the blog, because I have a lot of conventions coming up for the shop (Shop Chokers). One is in 2 days already! I really want to blog more, and be more active with it. But I think the Shop has more priority now tbh. I also went to the hairdresser, last week? Or 2 week ago already!! Just before my 20th birthday, but I haven't posted new things in my life on my blog. You can always follow me on Twitter or Instagram :)

In this post I still have my pretty pink long hair haha. I will post more outfit pictures with my long hair, because I don't have any time after my internship anymore to take pictures. The lightning isn't the best either, because it's still hella dark outside. I don't have a studio, so pictures will be shit if I took them after the internship. :(

I got this fabulous crop top from Dealsale, a webshop app on your phone. It's available for iPhone and Android! Which is super cool. I think the webshop looks okay, but the products are really cheap and the products are cute aswell. They have different kind of things in the shop, from baby clothes to accessories. I got the items in about 3 to 4 weeks. Just normal. The top has a text with: "I'm falling into you". I also got one in plain black. Nothing fancy. The quality is okay, which is good. At the same time, i'm also wearing this cute suspender skirt from Ebay and my fav jacket! I'm wearing it all the time. I also have my cute new platform sneakers on, which is sooooo comfortable!! I should totally buy some more of those, 10/10 would recommend it.

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