21 January 2016

I'm totally in love with my new sweater from New Chic. It's a really simple design, but so pretty. The roses on the sides in red, makes you dreamy. It's not a real embroidery, but it looks like it on the picture. The sweater itself, is from a really soft and funny material. In the description box, it says: polyester and cotton. I think it's a XS/S, because it fits perfectly on me. The sweater is perfect to wear on casual days. I usually wear it with my skinny jeans or leggings, but in this outfit I wore it with this cute skirt I got from Dressin. It's one of my favorites, they look great with every outfit! The skirt is a bit longer, which is really nice! A lot of skater skirts are too short. I also like the way I did my hair, it's cute and cool? I guess? Haha.

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