14 December 2019

Earrings - Primark or vintage
Blouse - Vintage
Belt - Aliexpress
Pleated pants - Aliexpress
Boots - Asos 

It's been so long since I uploaded an outfit, I took these in my home studio since I have more space now. I'm really happy I have space to set up my lights. I got these lights 3 or 4 years ago, second hand. But I never got the space to set them up, so I didn't really use them. I think I only used them once for an art project and for just testing if the lights worked.

I shot these last week, and I also put it on Lookbook. Remember I used to post a lot of looks over there and blogged about it? I wished I could go back in time and take more outfit pictures, and maybe I will do more photos because I have my studio now at home! Yay. :)

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~ RJ

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