18 November 2015

A few weeks before this whole event, me and my class were working on this project called: Big Android Barbeque. This was the first time this event was hold in Europe, and it was in Amsterdam! One of our teachers of ICT was one of the organizers of this event. My class had this project going on, which was: create a whole bunch of stuff for the event. Think about: posters, banners, badges and stuff like that for an event. Everyone had to create a brand identity for the event. It was so cool to see how everyone created another brand identity thing, and we were told that one of the brand identity's were going to be picked. Unfortunately, in reality they didn't pick one person's style/brand identity. Well, that's okay if they told us that earlier.

So, last thursday (November 12th 2015) was the first day of the event. There were 3 days in total for the event. But we already went on wednesday to Amsterdam, to chill with our class. We weren't planning to day for all those 3 days, since we were volunteering and we also had to pay for our own hotel room. If you don't want to read the whole thing, just check the vlog here. I also made an event report, you can check it here.

Well. I don't have a lot of pictures from before the whole event since I was vlogging. Blogging and vlogging is hard to do at the same time! Ahhh, still need to manage that haha. From our hometown to the place where the Event was, was a lot of work. It was so far away from the city in Amsterdam. When we finally arrived at the place, we had to wait forever! Because there were a lot of things that needed to be ready for the event.

The place where we had to wait.

It was really industrial, and ''not finished''. But it looked pretty cool! It's totally my style.


Selfie with the classmates!! Cherise and Sanneke.

I also went to the roof of the building, to take some video shots and pictures!

There were 2 cars on the roof, it looked like an apocalypse on the roof because of those cars and the dying flowers and plants.

More shots where we had to wait, because I was so bored and I was so hungry.. I didn't ate anything the whole day! When I wanted to go on my bike with my bag and stuff, my bag went stuck at the wheel on my bike.. and then my bottle broke. I needed to throw everything away what I had in the bag. I had some fruit in that bag, and I couldn't take it.. I had to hurry up because otherwise I would miss the train. 

After waiting for forever, we finally could go to our hotelroom! Yeah.. we couldn't go because we had to wait for EVERYONE to arrive and for the perparations for the next day. The hotel really sucks.. you can watch the video here

There were like mold in the bathroom, which was so nasty. It was everywhere!! After dropping our stuff at the hotel, we went to the KFC to eat some chicken!! The guy at the KFC said: ''Omg you look like someone, that works here.'' Uh he that was so weird lol. The people in Amsterdam are so arrogant? 

When we were finally back at the hotel, we went directly to the reception thing. That guy was so arrogant and not interested, we got another room.. but it smelled like cigarettes which was not good for our health. And I can't really stand the smell of cigarettes, for real. I could really die in there. That guy was so rude, and he was not really helping us.. We went back to the reception, and in the end we could have the two rooms. One to sleep in (the one with the nasty bathroom), and in the other room (with the cigarettes smell) we could shower. Only me and Cherise went showering, haha but whatever. The guy at the reception thing even said, they could get us some drinks.. but we never had those. What a service right? He even ''laughed'' sarcastic, like uhh... Not so friendly. 10/10 I would never go to that hotel. Which was called: West Side Inn Hotel by the way. The teacher actually found this hotel, and booked it for us. It was 25 euros a night.. but still!! 25 euros, I could get 3 boxes of chicken nuggets with it.

After the whole horrible experience at the reception, and the hotel. The next day we had to pack our bags already and go to the place where the event was at. (B.Amsterdam) I had to wait for a long time, untill I could get started with the girls. My task was, putting marshmallows on boards which was 12 square feet in total! We broke the world record thing by the way haha... how awesome right? I don't even know how many of them were on the board.

Here are some pictures of the event.

Working on the first board.

Yay!! More people joined, because it was a lot of work.. and we had to finish it on the same day! It is actually the dessert for the barbeque.

Almost.. almost finished!

It was so tiring, that's why I also made some pictures of the event and some video clips. 
Yumm, barbeque!!

Aaaaand.. it's done!

Taking some pictures!

Well, that was the whole thing!

Here you can watch the vlog:

Here you can watch the event report:

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