8 March 2015

Take a little peek into my life! This is a pretty long post I created, because the spring break is also over. Curious what I did these past few weeks? Scroll down. :)


I only bought these two oreo packs to get the mug. I never tried these out so this was the first time.

I never have time to prepare some food for myself in the morning before I go to school. Because: i'm too lazy to wake up earlier, and i'm lazy to buy food so I can prepare the food. I'm confusing. So I bought 2 boxes of Sushi at the supermarket called: ''Aldi''. It wasn't the worst sushi I've ever had because I was hungry. And I ate some salmon sushi because I just had to, otherwise I had to throw it away. I putted a lot of wasabi with soya sauce on it haha. It wasn't the worst. :)

The day before I also got a sushi kit from the Aldi because I wanted to eat some sushi. I was craving! I ended up only using the vinegar because I couldn't find them in the kitchen haha. 

Hatice was with me, and she was afraid to try it out. I didn't cut the sushi rolls because we didn't owned any sharp knives. Or i'm just really bad at cutting the rolls.

Hatice made some dinner it was really yummy. I love baked potatoes, and the salad was really good.

On my way to Michael.

I bought some magazines so I could check the newest fashion trends out. I buy once in a while a magazine, I don't really like having them every month. I only subscribed once on the magazine called: ''Glamour''. I think it's a really good fashion magazine, with great content and a good design. Magazines like Elle or Vogue has more bullshit in it. Not that they don't have great content, but huge brands like DKNY, Dolce & Gabanna, Chanel or whatever has these huge advertisements in them. It's pretty annoying if you want to actually read a magazine. I thought this magazine package was a great deal, I got the magazines: Marie Claire, Viva and Grazia for just 5,50 euros.

I also like the magazine: ''Marie Claire'', but it's soo expensive. I'm really a budget freak, that's why I started this blog right?

Fun fact: I found the same item in different magazines (Viva and Marie Claire) they both come from Asos but they have different price tags on them. Um, fail much?

On my way to home again. I ordered some fries on the train station, so I could get on the same train as my brother. He was also heading home, he came all the way from my dad. It was so cold outside, so I couldn't really enjoy my fries because they were already cold.

I took this picture while I was biking, I just took some quick snapshots.

After school I went to the Action and bought some stuff that I needed. Like these salt and pepper containers, shower gel and some make-up pads.

But I also saw these really cute glass canisters and white stones in different sizes. I'm thinking of creating a DIY with them! :)

The lighting is really yellowy because of the sun. 

So cute :)


I've received my platforms, and I love them. I will post a review soon. I already created a outfit post with them.

Check it here.

I also went with my brother and mother to her new cafetaria and snackbar in one. It really looked great! Just look at this picture, it was pretty dark because it was closed today. I really like the interior and the colors the previous owners used here. 

It was Tuesday and the next day was Chinese New Year / Lunar New Year. I was going with my brother to Zwolle to meet up with Hatice and Michael. We were a bit too late because the zipper of my brother's bag also broke. I fixed it in a few minutes, and we get going haha.

I was stressing, because I didn't know if I should bring my laptop with me or not. I really wanted to get you guys updated, with new posts and stuff on my blog but I couldn't. My dad don't have any internet connection so that pretty sucks. Michael and Hatice already were in Zwolle, and they brought me some food because I was really hungry. We didn't had time to prepare dinner, and I still had to post something for the day.

The beginning of spring break! (One week)

My dad picked us up from the station and prepared some food for us! It was really yummy.

The next day, friday. We went to Amsterdam to celebrate Chinese New Year / Lunar New Year with eachother.

In the train, from Rotterdam to Amsterdam.

Yay, we arrived in Amsterdam. Look at the rain and the grey sky. It looked really sad. The tram was filled with a lot of people, and a random dude suddenly sat next to me when I took this picture. Awkward.

Michael also forgot his umbrella in the tram, but we had enough time to get it.

When we finally arrived in the city, we ate something at KFC. Michael ordered a whole bucket, and forgot to order some sauce for the fries.

It was really creepy when Hatice stood in front of our table, and I saw someone checking her out. He walked and saw her, and then looked at her butt or something for a second and then walked away. It was really weird and it creeped me out.

After eating, we went to this fashion killa swag shop haha. I thought the dressing room looked so cool, there was this low mirror infront of them so we took some pictures. My brother was just sitting there and Michael was trying some stuff out. He bought a pretty awesome shirt.

I really liked this building so I took some pictures of it haha.

After shopping in Amsterdam, we went to this Chinese restaurant in China Town Amsterdam. I forgot the name but this is the second time that we went here. The second time for me and Michael.

The food was a bit cold when it arrived, and the Hoi Sin sauce that my brother asked for was also really cold. We weren't used to that. 

Some close-up pictures.

Oh! And before we went to the restaurant, we chilled at the YO YO fresh tea bar. Michael ordered a Hong Kong Milktea. Hatice never had bubble tea before, so she tried it out but she didn't like the taste haha.

I really liked these lamps at the right.

After dinner, Hatice went back to home because she had to pick up her niece and then bring her to Rotterdam and stuff. Me, Michael and my brother went to my dad home again. And he prepared some rice porrige. I really missed this! It's something from my child hood haha.

My dad always prepared this on wednesday when he has his day off. And after eating this we always go to the city for some toys.

We also wanted to go to this Chinese New Year asian party in Rotterdam but we weren't sure if we should go. In the end we did go to Sorbonne in Rotterdam. We were hella late, like 2 in the night. And there were still a lot of people waiting in front of the door. 

I've never been to an Asian party before, so this was my first time. And I also never club because most of the time it's boring or no one really dance haha. This first time was pretty awesome, I guess I was pretty weird that night haha. So excuse me for the people who went to this party and talked to me.

My dad had a day off on Monday, so we first ate this. It was sooo delicious omg. My dad can cook like what. You can see that I made a lot of pictures of food, more is coming.

My dad preparing the food. :)

Selfie in the elevator.

Buying some chinese pastry's.

Michael buying some things in the toko. Oriental.


More pastry's. :)

In the evening we ate at my uncle's home, with the food my dad bought he prepared a great meal. We ate fondue. My grand mother also came from the retirement home and my uncle from London.

So much food!

 Look how pretty this looks!



On our way home.

After a meeting with some clients, me and my classmates ordered something at the Mac Donalds. We all ordered Chili Chicken burgers, but I also saw this really cool poster with new products. And they looked pretty delicious.

Look at the one on the bottom. It was fries with chili spices.

And this is what I got. Like. Really?

The end result. It didn't really tasted like chili, but it wasn't really bad.

This was pretty much it, what I did the past few weeks/ month! Today the sun shines really bright and people are wearing shorts and skirts. I'm still pretty sick, like I still have my cold and headaches. I think I will never get better :(

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