WHAT TO WEAR: Palm trees 5

2 July 2015

Palm trees! It's the second post this year that i'm writing about palm trees. I hope you liked my previous posts about it, because I really enjoy creating new sets. Look at this one. :)

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WHAT TO WEAR: Palm trees 3 
WHAT TO WEAR: Palm trees 4

For this outfit I picked three colors, black, white and green. I think that the pastel green clutch looks so cute with this outfit! The outfit is sweet, soft but bold and fierce at the same time.

The soft green with gold and black look really nice if you combine it with eachother. The round stone that looks like marble, is a great detail that you add on your outfit. It's a shame that everything is sold out or not available anymore. :( But I just like to create inspirations, so you can create your own outfit with this!


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