11 July 2015

Let me introduce you to a fabulous dresses store! It's called Sherry London, they sell different kinds of dresses, from prom dresses to evenings dresses to cocktail dresses. They have dresses for all occasions! They have a pretty good prices, you look fabulous with all the dresses they sell.

All the productions that you need in their website are custom made, which is really awesome! They are UK based. And it's unfortunate that i've never had a prom, when I see all these beautiful dresses it makes me feel kinda shit hahaha. They are so beautiful!

I picked my favorite dress or dresses from every category. Let's check out what I picked. :) You can also follow them on Facebook. Here's the link.


Honestly, I don't really like these glitter and glam dresses. I don't think that they really suit me, but I've never tried a dress like this before either. I think that this dress is really pretty! There are not a lot of glitter stones on this one, it's just pretty simple and fabulous at the same time.


Bridesmaid dresses has to fit in the theme the bride and groom picked. I mean, the dress doesn't have to be over the top and everything because all eyes has to be on the bride!

I picked these two natural colored dresses, because they look simple and cute at the same time. I might pick beige, white and gold for my wedding haha. I think that would look elegant for a wedding.


When do you wear cocktail party dresses? When you got a fancy party? I think that they have dress-codes for most of the times. You know, the party's you see on the news, social media and stuff where all the celebrity's go. Or the fashion week after party's, these are goals!

I picked this elegant A-line lace dress, they have them in different colors. 


I was on the first page of the evening dresses, and when I saw this dress I was like: OMG, I need it! It's so beautiful and pretty! Just look at it!


I've also never experienced in real life how you become a home coming queen or whatever. I only saw this on these American series on TV or internet. Can someone explain how this goes? And do you become a home coming queen or king on prom? Haha, all these questions.

This dress is what you call: beautiful. It isn't too short or too long, it's just perfect. I don't think it would fit me because I don't have a lot of boobs you know haha. The model looks a bit too much photoshopped, too much brush. 

That was the last dress I picked from Sherry London! What's your favorite dress on the website, or dresses? Let me know in the comments! 

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