4 March 2015

At Florale Haircare I bought this hairmask called: Argan oil maroccan mask from POSH. I've never heard of this brand. When I came home, I googled it but there were no reviews on this product. The girl in the shop recommened it for my hair. I just needed a good hairmask for my damaged hair because I bleached my hair. Now I really need to treat my hair well haha. I bought this one for € 9,95, with 150 ml. You can buy it here on the webshop. This review is not sponsored. I just wanted to try this item if it works for my hair. 

I got this cute bag with the hairmask. 


It smells just so nice! I love the smell of this hairmask.


It smells amazing! I love it, it's pretty thick and it feels good on your hands. It a bit thicker dan a conditioner. 

I don't think this is the best product on the market, but I can't say that it's really bad. My hair feels pretty strong, and not really ''dry'' anymore. As you guys know I bleached my hair a few times, and I really have to look after it otherwise it will break down :( I haven't tried a lot of masks for my hair because I think it's pretty expensive. If you have better masks, comment here down below! 

Angela Angeline said...

That jar looks pretty cool, I must say, but the product itself sounds great!!

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