5 March 2015

A few weeks ago I wanted to start with a new series, I checked on Popcorn Time which were available. I heard a lot of great and positive stories on social media about this series, and I also saw advertisements about it. It looked pretty cool, and I really didn’t had any expectations. I didn’t googled about the series or anything. I didn’t want to read the story first, I just wanted to see if it was something for me or not.

And it was really great! I won’t spoil anything about it, but I will just go through everything first. Orange is the new black is about a women called: Piper. I thought it was a pretty funny name, I’ve never heard about this name before. The series first starts with the story of Piper, she is the main character in this series. You can watch her journey first how she came in this kind of situation, the prison. You can see how Piper changes, how she was before in prison.

They only have 2 seasons and the 3rd season will come out in June or July, I can’t remember. Of course, there are a lot of other characters in this series. They all have a story, how did they end up in prison? They didn’t showed every character yet, and I think it’s just really interesting how they do it. With flashbacks and little stories one by one. You just want to see more. It’s not the whole story that the creators show us. This is one way to make the series interesting, and in a really positive way. You just want to see more and see what happends. You see the perspectives of the other people. And I think it’s great, you don’t always see the main character where it all started.

I’m so curious about what happened to Rosa! I hope she escapes in the end and that V really dies. It’s so great that the creators can make you hate some characters. If you can hate someone that’s created, that’s great. That means that they did a great job developing the characters and show what they did and how they are. I really hope so. She almost killed Red, and Red is pretty innocent I think? I don’t know, I also really want to see her story and what happened with her and the husband. They didn’t show us the whole story. I really felt bad for her when they showed the part with her ‘’fake friends’’. Was she going to prison because she popped the boobs of one of them? I really don’t know, can someone explain. I think that it’s really cruel, they basically ruined Red her life. She could just fix it with the money of that husband of hers. I’m curious about a lot of things, there are a lot of questions to ask! But I will just see, like the rest of you haha.

In short: You really should watch this series, it’s great. It’s funny and sometimes really perverted. I don’t think it’s for people under the 16 or I don’t know how ‘’far’’ the kids are nowadays if you know what I mean. But this makes it real, it’s real. We all know what it’s kind of like to be in prison. We hear stories on the news, or we read it on the news paper. But you don’t really see what happens between the trails.  I really enjoyed watching these 2 seasons of Orange is the new black I hope you do to. You can watch it here. (

Eleanor Humphries said...

I really need to watch this, tried the first few episodes but then just didn't bother! x
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Rachel S. said...

Can't wait for the third season!!!

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