14 March 2015

For my birthday I wanted to order some nice shoes. Ofcourse I would end up ordering some platforms. I wanted it to be nice and classy, a pair of shoes that I can wear everyday. 

I found these on Ebay for $38.99 including shipping! Look here. I also couldn't pick between the white and the black one. But I picked the black one haha. Because black fits every outfit, and you can't see that it's dirty on black.


Heel-Height:11 cm 
Platform:4.5 cm 

Picture from the seller.

After one month and one week, I got them! :) I'm not sure how the package was because Michael threw the packaging away. So I couldn't take pictures of them. 

The platforms really look like the pictures, so i'm really happy with them!


They are high, and if you try them on you can feel that it hurts. I can't walk a whole day with them, otherwise my feets will die. When I took the pictures, it also hurted my feets. I only wore them for 2 hours. So that sucks. 

You know how PU leather is. It's not real leather, so you know that it won't last long. I still have to be careful with it. I also haven't wore them outside yet, so I can't tell. I know that I have to be careful when I want to get them off otherwise, the fabric will rip

I love the design! Platforms are just too pretty and I always wear them in my pictures. It's a shame that I can't walk the whole day in them. :(

But the shipping is really fast too, and they look exactly like the pictures of the seller. I don't know if you can get these for a cheaper price on Ebay because I couldn't find another seller with these shoes. Maybe I will order the white ones too in the future.

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Heel-Height:11 cm 
Platform:4.5 cm 

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