12 March 2015

My first attempt! Aliexpress, I've read and heard different stories about this website. It's kind of like Ebay, and when I first tried Ebay it was also a kind of risky thing. I ordered more than 200 products from Ebay I think. So why not try another website out? I saw that Aliexpress have some really awesome things that Ebay doesn't have, like: really cute harajuku items. Ebay sells these for much more, and ofcourse it depends on what seller you found. Aliexpress is also just like Ebay, with different sellers and they can sell the same products for another price.

I was really happy that I could order here. The people here in The Netherlands can now pay with iDeal, with their own bank accounts. And not with credit cards, or bank transfers. Bank tranfers costs so much effort and time, and I don't know how credit cards works and I think it's not necesarry if I only use my credit card for Aliexpress.

This is what I ordered. I'm still waiting for my packages, but I can track them if they're shipped. :)

Marsya Jauzi said...

omg, first time hearing it! Going to check them out! <3

Kati said...

I absolutely love all that jewellery - great finds!

Have a great day,

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