10 March 2015

I ordered on February 28th on Aliexpress, and after exactly one week and 3 days I received my package. I haven't tracked the package yet, because i'm pretty lazy. But I get notifications on my e-mail when they sended my packages and other things about the packages.

This is the first time ordering at this website Aliexpress. My brother sended me messages that I got a package from China, and I also forgot to put my housenumber on my adress thingy. But i'm really happy that I can receive them even when I made this mistake! My brother asked the mailman how he knew that this package was for us. He said: Because you guys are the only chinese people that live in this neighbourhood. I was like: What? You serious. Because my family also lives in the same neighbourhood lol. Pretty weird.

I already have 2 other cases for my Xperia, but I really wanted a cute and fabulous one haha. But not too fancy, I wanted one with black or something cute with maybe an anime or something. But I couldn't find one, or they were really expensive. I think that this case is also pretty expensive but it's worth it I think! :)


Amount: 1 piece
Package Weight: 0.1kg (0.220lb.)
Price: $5.72 // €5,19


The seller sells 4 different ''Disney themed'' cases for the Xperia Z. 

Look at these pictures.


This is how I received the case. It was just like a regular package from Ebay, so there's no different. Just a yellow envelope with bubble wrap in the inside.

I blurred my adress and stuff haha. :)

This is the case! How cute right?


The only thing that's different are these letters. On the sellers pictures the words ''Mickey'' and ''Disney'' are black, as you can see on my picture it's blank.


I think that this is a replica because one thing isn't like the pictures, but we all know that Aliexpress only sells fake stuff. Even if this is a replica, I think it's pretty nice!

You can see that they didn't colored the ''Mickey'' and ''Disney'' letters. And you can see that there are little splashes of black on the red part on the case if you look close.

Silicone is strong! :) But it's really annoying that it gets so dirty ;(

The shipping was super fast! And you could also track your packages, I don´t know how the service is because I didn´t had to contact them.

The case is a little bit too big, and the ports are too small it's hard to put my charger and earphones in there with the case on my phone. The buttons are also a little bit hard to press on.

I really like this case, but on the bad side it's hard to press the buttons and the ports for my charger and earphones. It's really annoying. And the second thing is that the case is a little too big for my phone. The case doesn't stay on its place. :(

But the design makes it perfect! 

You can buy this case too for $5.72

Lauren said...

Ahwww it's so cute! Sadly all cool cases are for iPhones :(


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