11 February 2015

Valentines day is coming? What should you wear? Are you going on a cool date? Maybe with a nice guy or just with your friends! Just stick with your own style, this post is just for some inspiration! I created different collages, I wanted to try this out and it looks pretty good to me.

Keep it classy and simple. I only used basics, you can see a little pattern on the bag. They also say: ''Less is more''. The huge heels with the gold strap is also a little statement.

A little bit goth but classy! I really love burgundy with black, it looks so elegant. The lace on the skirt is also a really cute touch. I need to have one, or create one! 

Statements! They're everywhere in this outfit. Well, not everywhere. Look at the huge statement necklace on the basic green top that matches with the cute flower bomb skirt. It looks like a little dress, but it isn't!

I'm sorry. I just love these platform boots, I use them all the time for a lot of outfits. I can't get enough of them! This outfit looks like it came from the movie: ''Clueless'' the girly 90's movie.

Black and white. My typical comibation, the only thing is. I almost never wear dresses, well it's winter right now so I really can't wear dresses. It's hella cold here in The Netherlands, it's raining then snowing then the sun shines all in one day... You never know what will happen.

You can wear it on a cold Valentines day, or just another day here in The Netherlands. Platform boots, a burgundy sweater and a ripped off jeans. The pleated cardigan is just an extra if you're a cardigan fan. 
I think this is my favorite outfit. I love the black top with the wide black skater skirt, and with the platform boots it's just perfect. The cardigan is just for fun! It creates a more ''fashionable look'', it's not too basic with the black. Don't forget your burguny lipstick for the statement.

This outfit is more ''risky'', not a lot of people would like this outfit. I thought it looked really cool, the graphic printed cropped sweater with a long quilted leather A-line skirt with pleates. 

I really like the soft colors here, the bag is so adorable and it's not ''too'' cute. It's just between the adorable cute and classy. I also fell in love with this Moschino case, I love Moschino. They create such great and unique pieces.

The last but not at least, the perfect girly and pink outfit. With lots of white. I think I've created a similar outfit with this. I don't know, but I still like it!

Which outfit would you pick? Are you going on a date or do a ''girly night'' with your friends. Or if you're a boy, what would you do? 

I haven't planned something yet for Valentines day, but I will be at Michael's place because it's on saturday! Yay me.

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