2 December 2014

Yayay! I got my lens cases. I ordered it a month ago (October 18th) and I got it last week or something. I think they look so adorable. It looks just like the pictures from the seller. I didn't order all of them, but just four.

- Red
- Pink
- Yellow
- Light Coffee

You can get them for like $1.22 here. That's just so cheap, I actually want them all hahaha.

I think the brand is called: "BOBO". On the back of the box there's this huge text with: "BOBO'S contact lenses case" Design by Bobo. I honestly never heard of it.

As you can see there's this huge sticker on the yellow box. I all bought them from the same seller... maybe the yellow case is special haha.


Here are some close-up pictures.

I only took one picture of the back because they're all the same.

Some Korean text, that I can't read.

The red one has cakes with strawberry on it! The colors aren't perfect, but I don't think that's a big problem. I figured that all of the contact lens cases has the right side on the left side and the left side on the right side. It's pretty weird.

Light coffee.

I really love this match! One is laying and the other one is "standing". I really like the brown bow on there it just looks so cute.


I don't like the same yellow color on the cake. (left side) It looks a bit weird together. I think if they used white topping it would look better. Well. I didn't designed this haha.


I really love this pink color of the box. The other pink that's called: "Rose" was too bright for me. This looked so cute with the soft pastel pink. I also like the brown color of the cake and the white topping with the same brown color. It just pops out of it.

On this picture you can see that the right side is on the left side and the left side on the right side haha..


The shipping of this seller was just normal. I got it in 3 weeks after I ordered it.

Great packaging! I love the design and you can easily read everything on the box. It's also good to have some instructions.

I think they are so adorable! The painting isn't perfect, but you're just paying $1.20 or maybe a little bit more.


I think the quality is overall pretty good. It's made from plastic and you can feel it. I think they're great for gifts. Even if your friends doesn't wear contact lenses, it's just too cute. You can also just use it as decoration right haha. But, some were pretty hard to open because it's made from plastic.

I just love it! They are so cute and I really recommend it.

You can get it here on Ebay for $1.22 or maybe a little more for other designs. It depends on which one you like.

yona l said...

This is sooo cute!!!!
It totally doesn't look like contact holders. It's so adorable!

I think it would also be the best christmas present too~

Anna said...

OMGsh!! SO cute! RuiJun Your pictures are always so fantastic too!

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