3 September 2014

It's been two weeks already since my holiday ended. The time goes so fast, and I've been so busy with everything. I just need to figure out how i'm going to come up with new concepts and posting everyday just like in the summer.

This "Little peek into my life" post will be so big, u can't even imagine how many pictures I took. Well, I will make it short and will cut this into more posts.

First thing first (i'm the realest), nah just kidding. In the beginning of August I received some stuff from Ebay and my gaming mouse. I was thinking: "Oh now i'm going to be real pro with games" haha. First I was just gaming with a wireless mouse, but my boyfriend said that I needed a real mouse. So I bought one and here I go.

First i'm going to show you what I got from Ebay. Well, I never have enough films for my Polaroid! I just ordered one pack for my stock. You never know when you need it.


I also ordered two black beanies and two Ying Yang patches. There will be a really simple DIY, maybe on video. Who knows!

$$1.37 + $0.49 SHIPPING. BEANIE.
$1.89 PATCH.

I also bought my boyfriend a new necklace. I lost his old one, and this one really looks like the one he had, it's a bit smaller.


I got a steelseries Sensei mouse, black matte. First it was weird to use a mouse like this because I only used a little wireless mouse for everything. I got this mouse a few weeks now, it's better for gaming I must admit. Only the side buttons are so annoying, I always accidentally click on it.

I got the mouse on 4Launch for 50 euros. It's a Dutch website, for the people who are interested you can buy it here

I also went to Amsterdam with my boyfriend, his brother and dad. First we went to China Town to eat something. After that Michael wanted to get a haircut, I was like: really. Oh it was just a long trip. Michael went to "Kinki Kappers" a trendy hairdresser, it was pretty far away from China Town.

After we were done with eating, we wanted to search for the hairdresser Michael went to. It was pretty hard to find, because our battery was low of all our three phones. Awkward. But after a hour we found the hairdresser. Luckily some girl knew where it was haha.

After that I took many pictures, I just couldn't resist because I don't get a lot of chance to take pictures of Amsterdam. Because I just live more than 2 hours from it, or I forget to take my camera with me. 

I will post a photoset in the future.

I bought a really overpriced magazine named: "Frankie", it was like 19 euros at this store: RESTORED. The shop itself looked great. It was clean, and a whole art work. The design of the magazine looked so good, I just had to have it. The problem was, I didn't know it was 19 euros after the guy said that it was. Ah well, it's just once. Having a fancy magazine haha.

I wore this on the day.

If you haven't seen it, I created a video after a year on my channel. And it's a DIY!

Lately i'm also working on my graphic design skills. For gamers that stream on Twitch. If you're interested you can check it here.

This is one of the things I bought on Ebay. I really bought a lot. Again? I KNOW. I can't stop buying, and I needed a winter jacket anyway. I make sure to make a review and outfitpost when I receive it!

yona l said...

I enjoyed reading your post.
Also I can't wait until you review the jacket. Korean trends are amazing, haha.

Also I saw the diy choker video!
Its so easy to watch and follow. I hope I can make it myself too.

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