7 January 2015

New year, with a new header for my '' Little peek into my life''. I like this one better than the last one. Let me show you what I did at Christmas and New Year, I was so sick on the week of Christmas. But the last 3 days of the week I was ''okay''. I wrapped gifts and giftboxes for my friends. Michael was sweet enough to send them for me haha.

I also got new nail polish from ''HEMA''. This looks so good when light shines on the nailpolish, without light it's just a pink nailpolish. I got it for 3 euros or something. It's from the Special Effect Holographic line, Holographic Pink number 54.

On the second day of Christmas we went to this sushi restaurant called "Su Wa". I still couldn't talk, my voice sounded really weird so I couldn't say anything haha.

On monday me and Michael went to dad's, We also visited my grandmother who lives in a retirement home. I haven't seen her in a while. We took some pictures, I can't speak Cantonese but my dad and brother can haha. It's pretty hard to communicate if you can't speak a language.

I thought this was pretty creepy. I took this in the hallway, it was next to the room of my grandmother. The retirement home looks pretty cool actually, every floor has another adress which is really cool. 

After we visited my grandmother, we ate some food and went shopping in Rotterdam. But first me and Michael went to the barber. I took this picture in Zara. 

After our shopping spree we went back home and my dad prepared fondue for us. It was so yummy :)

In the evening we wanted to go to my mom's to celebrate New Year. But on the last minute, Michael realized that he forgot his wallet at my dad's appartment. Too bad. So we had to go back the next day to get the wallet. My mom wanted that we stayed at her home so we could celebrate with her. 

We only had 5 - 8 minutes to get tickets and go get in the train. We had to run to the other side of the train station of Rotterdam, to the front and then to the back. Because there weren't any ticket machines where you could buy (obviously) train tickets. I had to run so hard, and pay 25 euros for the ticket fml. :( Otherwise it was ''free'' because you get these ''OV Chip cards'' if you're a student. Well we made it! Everyone looked at us but who cares.

The next day (Tuesday) I had some stuff to do, my  identity card was expired. I just had to pick up my new card. After this I hanged out with Hatice, I brought my christmas gifts for her. She had to pick glasses, she never wore glasses. She was with her mother and brother, it was pretty fun. Hatice picked grey colored glasses, it looks pretty good on her!

Michael prepared this for us in the morning, it was so yummy.

Selfie, before we went back to my dad's. Look at my new haircut hihi.

On our way to Rotterdam, again.

And... we're back in Rotterdam.

It was almost evening, we wanted to eat something before we went back to my dad's. He was still at work after all. It was December 31th, every restaurant was closed. :( Too bad!

The streets were so empty, just look at this.

After all we could eat at this nice restaurant called: ''Tai Wu'' a Cantonese restaurant. I think the owner took us in. He said that you could eat fast here because everything else is closed. Even KFC and Mac Donalds were closed, can you believe it? It was almost 8 o'clock, don't people want to earn money? :(

Well, we ordered this! It was so yummy.

We asked for a mixed dish, with meat and some vegetables. The waiter recommened this!

This was Beef tenderloin (I hope google translated it right) with sweet sauce and some onions.

After our little and fast dinner my dad picked us up, and brought us to my uncle's home. My dad prepared food for us. Fondue again yay!

First we ate some nuts I got from Hatice


My uncle and my dad lives in a ''flat''. Like, 7 high! We could see these beautiful fireworks for almost a hour. It was so pretty to see and watch, maybe I will make a little video of it. I didn't really film a lot this week.

Photographing fireworks is also pretty hard. I really need a new camera this year haha.

After fireworks, more food.

The next day was the first day of 2015. Wow, and a lot of people posted huge posts on their blog and Instagram or Facebook. How 2014 was and stuff, resolutions.

I also received a cute gift from Fallencia. It was a gold necklace and a gold ring, the ring was a little bit too big. I have really tiny fingers, too bad. :( But it was really sweet! I also gaver her a Christmas package.

After having some tea at home, we walked to the retirement home where my grandmother stayed. We wished her a great new year and had some drinks at the café. I think she really liked it that we visited her.

Me, Michael, my brother Chung Peng and my penpal Fallencia who happend to be his girlfriend, went out to dinner. In this restaurant in Rotterdam called ''Shan Yi'', it's pretty weird that the website of the restaurant is instead of or something.


We got an iPad mini from the waiter. This was the first time we went to this place to eat, it looked really cool. It's a ''World restaurant'' where you can try food from all countries. The waiter explained how it worked. You can order with the iPad and you didn't had to ask for a waiter, the waiter only gave you the food or the bill if you asked. It's a pretty cool idea! But the application was pretty bad, the buttons were too small and it was hard to go from page to page. The loading time was too long which was really annoying.

Here are the rules.

1. The time starts when the first order is taken (2,5 hours limit).
2. You can order a maximum of 3 items per person, per round.
3. No outside drinks allowed.
4. You can order a maximum of 2 desserts and 2 scoop of ice-cream.
5. No 2nd order can be taken untill 1st order has been finished.
6. Please only order what you can eat as waste will be charged.
7. 1 euro per cold dish. 3 euros per warm dish (including dessert and ice-cream)

Toast with crab.


I forgot the name of this one, but it's a toast.



Chinese bap.


Cha Sieuw.

More sushi.


And.. we're done.

After our dinner, Hatice came back from a house party in Rotterdam. We picked her up at the central station and we all went back to my dad's. Hatice haven't slept in almost 2 days when we were going to bed. She is crazy. My uncle showed us a lot of old photo albums.

I really love this picture of my dad!

Some random pictures I took. On our way to Rotterdam again.


Rotterdam Central station.


We didn't had a lot breakfast because there wasn't enough bread at home. So we decided to eat ''breakfast'' at lunchtime in this restaurant on the corner of the city. It's really easy to find if you see what the view looks like.




This is what my brother Chung Peng, and Michael ordered. A burger with some salad and fries.

I ordered a Italian Cabiatto or something with cheese and salami.

Nom nom.

Hatice ordered a healthy sandwich.

This is just a random picture from the shop Desigual, I really loved the ceiling. We only came into this shop to take some pictures of it haha. Awks.

Having fun in the fittingroom of Monki Rotterdam.

More selfies hahaha.

I bought a lot men's clothes on Monday. And the day when I went with Hatice I only bought a fluffy cardigan from Monki and a powerbank from ''Media Markt'' translation: ''Media Market'', kinda obvious.

When I came home I received my hairdye from London (Ebay!)

Silver! The hairdresser said that it will be really hard, but I want it so badly. I think I have to bleach my hair first and then put this on.

Well that was it for today! I hope you liked reading my huge post with many pictures. :) I really enjoyed my week.

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