28 December 2014

I kinda ditched the ''A little peek into my life'' at November so i'm just gonna throw that month in this one. And yea, December is still going on but I think I don't want to put too much on the post. I can't even remember what I did in November haha. This week and last week, I almost died. My throat was killing me, I couldn't even talk and eat but i'm all better now. My voice is still a little bit weird, but I can talk now! :)

I went to three different restaurants, and I reviewed 2 of them already. The last one will be online soon! I didn't brought my camera with me excuse me for that.


I also went to the I LOVE BEAUTY event, my niece invited me to come and help her with the stand. She sells selfiesticks, the name of her business is selfiestickonline.nl You can also check the Facebook and Twitter.

You can check the whole post about it here. And I also posted a video! I know it's really late, i'm just really busy lately. :( Check the video here.

Did I mentioned I had a really bad experience with Dresslink.com... it's really not worth buying from them. I also wrote a huge post about it. Click here. I'm really curious how your experiences are with that webshop. No one really commented on the post yet.

Dresslink came back to me after a few days I posted my review on Twitter. They first saying thank you and all, after that they deleted the tweet and said that they deliver great quality products. Please... Bad communication.

This post is starting to look like a post throwback haha. I reviewed a lot of things the past two months. I don't know if that's a good thing, but I always like to give my thoughts about things I tried like products or restaurants.

Look at Maya haha.

I still need to style this knife pleated skirt!


Curious Maya.

And wow, I also found this HELLA old picture. I got a bowl cut here haha, my expression can I not. I was like 14 or something here...

I also went so far back on my Twitter. This picture was from 2 years ago wow. It was my 17th birthday with my best friend Hatice. :)

Let me just throwback some pictures of myself haha! 

I also posted this picture on my Instagram: @ruijunluong I miss my baangs!

2 or 3 years ago wow, look at my hair! :)

Here I will end my ''Little peek into my life''. I'm really sick and i'm coughing like crazy, Michael is also getting sick he has now a fever. I'm sorry. :(

How was you christmas? I ate some soup and chicken, but I couldn't eat it all because of my throat. I've sended some christmas packages to my friends and christmas cards. I've also received some back thank you all for your sweet gifts.

I will also post a new ''Little peek into my life'' of next week! :)

Carmen Varner said...

wow your hair looks so beautiful I wish mine would grow that long.

:] // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

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