5 August 2014

Last week I wanted to build a ladder for my gerbils, because the "key" that we use as a connector from one side to another always falls. First I grabbed some twigs from the garden, and I used a paper wire to put them together. I put it in their "cage", when I came back downstairs they ruined my ladder. I don't have a picture of the ladder that I created but I thought it looked pretty good. Stupid gerbils, they chew on everything haha.

Well look at these adorable pictures of them.

We had a birthday party on Augst 4th, yesterday to be exact. It was my nephew's birthday, we bought a lot of cool toys for him. He turned 5! Kids grow so fast. It was a 2 hour trip, why does Michael has to live so far away haha.

Train selfies.

There was so many food on the party. And yes, I didn't bring my camera.

 Selfie with my mom! 

My outfit for the day. I sneaked in my aunt her room, she has such an awesome closet with this huge mirror.

More food pictures, because dinner.

After dinner me, Michael and all the kids went outside to a school with a huge playground. There was a really cool swing and they yelled like crazy when Michael pushed it. My ears were dying, people were looking but they didn't care they are kids haha.

I also saw this really cool cat, the skin looked just so beautiful and the color black and white/greyish. I wanted to take it. Sadly I couldn't. :(

I wanted to take a selfie, and then this happend. Just look at the eyes.

Mission accomplished.

It was getting pretty late, the kids got picked up and me and Michael went to my place. My mom gave me some supplies to make sushi, and I also packed some nail polishes and some clothes.

Yay sky pictures.

On our way to home.

Michael was watching a series and I fell asleep in the last hour.

On monday I ate dinner in Germany with Michael, his dad and his little brother. I forgot to take some pictures of the food because I was so hungry haha.

Sky picture in Germany.

I wore my sushi shirt that I got in Bershka's mensection sale. It's oversized for me.

Vanilla ice cream as a dessert.

Today I received a few packages from Ebay. The first thing is this really beautiful stone pendant. It was just $2.06. You can get it here on Ebay. It's just the pendant itself, you have to get a necklace somewhere else to put it on it. It's a real stone, but the silver "hook" is plastic.

I also got this Concealer pallette, the package was huge. I didn't know what it was at first, because the pallete was surrrounded by bubble wrap.

I got this for $4.67. You can get it here. I tested it and it works really good, I just have to figure out what color is best for me. I suggest you to use this with a concealer brush. 

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