18 October 2015

This saturday I went to the NSMBL festival with Sanneke. I took some fabulous pictures and some clips for the video. I also vlogged.

You know that i'm always at Michaels in the weekends, so I had to go to Amsterdam from there and she had to go to Amsterdam from another point. Luckily we met at the trainstation in Zwolle. There were a lot of people in the train, all heading to Amsterdam probably. We couldn't just sit in the train, well Sanneke had one seat and I was standing next to a toilet. Thanks a lot haha.

We arrived at 12:30 midday in Amsterdam, and we went window shopping. I bought some souvenirs for Yona since I was in Amsterdam! They have great Dutch souvenirs in Amsterdam because there are a lot of tourists. I bought some skin products at Yves Rocher, this woman who worked at the store gave me some advice on my skin which was really nice! After some windowshopping in the city, we went searching for the busstation. The bus was standing right in front of us, so we ran to the bus and finally we arrived at the stop. We still needed to walk a little bit to get to the destination. I didn't really knew how to get there, but we followed some fashionable people haha.

Fashionable people in the front.

Look at this cute couple.

We thought we finally arrived at the destination, but we were a little bit early so we didn't know where to go. There wasn't a sign of the festival, which really sucks.. We only saw a few cute restaurants and this sign.

We went to look for other fashionable people, but they also didn't know where to go which was awkward. We walked a little bit further, and there were fashionable people sitting so we went with the flow. Look at the leaves! It's so pretty.

A few minutes later, some people went to the "gates". It was so weird, because there wasn't a sign of anything. But when you look closer in the inside you saw some balloons with the name on it. Uhh... And the doors were also closed. So no one knew we could stand there to wait for the opening.

The festival started at 15:00, and we stood in the front! Yays!! But the only thing was they were still cleaning everything, there were plastic bags and huge boxes on the ground. It was a huge mess. There were a lot of people, but we had to wait for 15 minutes or something?

Look at the people!

First we went to buy some coins, because you couldn't pay with cash or something at the food stands. There was like a huge row, because a everyone wants to eat right?

The theme for this festival was: Paris! Yesss, the one from France haha. There was like a caroussel in the middle of the whole room. We even went in it, and we felt like we were dying... I think that the decoration looked cute, but it could be done better.

We also waited to be drawn by Yara Ruby, a super talented illustrator! She was really sweet, and it made my day. Her style is so unique and so cute. I can't wait when I have like my own appartment and have cute little drawings everywhere!

That's me!!

There were a lot of different stands with jewelery, clothes, and more! I took a lot of businesscards to check them at home.

I love the fact they have like this marble plate where they layed everything on.


I loved this one! The lighting here was really good, and they sell a lot of different things. I wanted to buy everything, but I thought: No I can do this!! I don't have to buy anything haha.

How cute are these!

My Oh My shop.


The food I ordered at the event. It was soo expensive. 4 coins were like 11 euros, and the burger was 2 1/2..


Look at the cute plants!

DIY bomber jacket?

Should I add these necklaces to the shop?

And.. the last picture of the day.


The decoration was cute, I liked the lanterns, the eiffeltower and the caroussel in the middle of the room. But it could be better. There was no music, or we couldn't hear it which was really boring. You could only hear people talking and walking.

It looked a little bit cheap. There weren't enough chairs at the workshops. People were interested, but they had to stand to watch the workshops. The place wasn't big enough.

It was messy, we didn't knew where to go. It wasn't really easy to find because there weren't any signs. I think a lot of people were just wondering and just following other people, just like we did. And when we finally arrived at the festival, there was no one to greet us and no one told us where the festival was at. The communication was just not done. We also didn't know where everything was at, there was no floor map or ground map. We only got like a flyer with a discount or something? I didn't even used it. 

The food was really expensive, around 7 euros for one burger? That's insane. And the cheese cake wasn't my cup of tea. Everyone has another opinion about it right?

I didn't like the fact that one one greeted us in the beginning, there were a lot of people and if you were one of the first you didn't knew where to go. It was really frustrating.

When we arrived it still was a huge mess out there, I don't think that's okay to see.. I filmed a little but I didn't took pictures. I think it's not done if you see the plastic bags and boxes everywhere wandering around. 

There were huge rows for the free things such as getting an illustration from a illustrator. You also couldn't really see where you could get one. There was no sign at all. I also missed getting your nails done at OPI because there was a huge row with 30 people?? There wasn't even an opening of the event.. well there was.. kind of. And we missed it. There were no bins to be found, so there was a lot of mess from other people on the tables. The whole event or "festival" was a huge joke, because everything was so expensive and I think they only wanted to get money out of you... We had to pay around 21 euros to get there? And some people didn't even get a goodiebag. Luckily we did.. otherwise I would be really really dissapointed. It's not worth your money..

I don't think I will go to next year's event. 

The vlog: 

Event report:

The Dutch magazine "Fashionista" did a post about the NSMBL with the best outfits. And they asked me too!! Here's the post. The lightning was so bad, and they even used the flash.. 

I hope you enjoyed this post!

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