21 April 2015

Today I just uploaded a new video, I bought a pack of Cookin Poppin's in The Hague when I was visiting Fallencia for her birthday! I will post it later on my Peek of my life pos on the end of the month. I bought the Cookin Poppin for 2 euro's and 50 cents, I thought it was pretty expensive.

If you haven't heard what it actually is, it's like DIY candy from Japan. The whole package was in Japanese, and I can't read Japanese haha. I can't even read Chinese so... But I uploaded this video twice, and the first time wasn't right and this is the second time. I'm done haha! My editting program Premiere hates me (nah). I probably used the wrong settings.

I hope you like my bad English pronunciation. :)

Chloe Lum said...

What a funny cake pop but it makes a cute looking mushroom :3

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