17 March 2014

I saw a post on Tumblr with 259,463 notes that time. There's more now, probably. I thought, it's a pretty simple tee. Just a bit hand sewing and here you go. It didn't went smoothly in the beginning. I recommend to make the letters bigger! (You'll see when you're reading the DIY) I think that this DIY is easy to make, you don't have super sewing skills. Even though hand sewing is harder than sewing with the machine. That's just what I think. 

You also don't need a lot of products for this DIY. I bet everyone have this, just ask your mom or grandmother if they have some sewing stuff that you can use.


- Pencil
- Thread
- Tee
- Needle 
- Scissors

- Book
- Little box


Take your top. It can be white/black, you can use a white tee like me so the thread is black. Or you can use black for the tee and white for the letters. Or orther colors if you like. I got this tee from my local thriftshop.


I didn't put the box that I used in this picture, but you know what I mean. You have to put the box inside the tee.


Draw a heart on the tee, I putted it in the middle of the shirt. Just sketch, don't over do it or it will be hard to remove.  Stretch the tee a bit, you can use your legs. Just put it on the two sides of the book so it will be easier to draw.


Put some text in the middle of the tee. As you can see in the picture, you can see that I made a little mistake. It's too little, because when I was trying to sew the letters. It was too hard, so make your letter BIG. It will look better, and it's easier to sew.


Take your thread and put it in the needle! Be patient.


Make a little knot in the end, cut the rest behind it.


We're starting with hand sewing! Start on the top in the middle of the heart. I started on the left of the heart. Make a double knot in the inside of the tee, or it will be visible. You have to do it to make sure it won't fall out or something like that.

Just follow your sketch that you made.


Here's my heart! (The "What ever" text is way too little)


This is were I struggled when I sketched the letters too small. Just don't do it! Make it big and easier for yourself.

For the letters, I made the thread a little bit bigger so the words stand out. Just do the same as usual, but you fold the thread once.

Sewing letters.
Start on the top, left of the letter "W", and make a little knot. Then go down and you skip a really small part of the fabric and go on.

For "H", you first make those |  |. You start with the top left to the bottem, and then the same step again. After that, you sew the horizontal line.

Then you make the A, you always do the horizontal line in the end. You always go over the previous thread.

The "T", I first sew the |. The vertical line, and then the horizontal line.

I started with the "E"on the | vertical line. Then I did the top, bottom and middle.

The "V" is very simple you can go from the top to the bottom or the bottom to the top.

"R" it looks a little bit hard, but it's just like the heart when you go in a bow. It's the same but it's just smaller.

When you sew letters, also pull a bit on the thread so the letters won't be loose. If it's too loose, it will be ugly.

Now you're done!

Dionne Knooren said...

Super leuk gedaan!

Dionne Knooren said...

Super leuk gedaan!

Alexa Land said...

Looks really good


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