5 minute styling tricks

9 March 2014

Were you staying up all night again for your favorite TV show? Waiting for your pizza to come as your late night snack? Did you secretly stalk your crushes Facebook the whole night? Spending the whole night texting your best buddies, because you had something important to tell. Or making your homework because the deadline is tomorrow. Hey, we always have a day- I mean night that we skip sleep. It's okay, it's alright! There are many more reasons why people stay up late, but lets get going to the styling tricks!

If you stay up late, or don't even got sleep. Here are my 5 minute styling tricks special for you. But hey, you don't have to overslept to use those. Whenever you're late on whatever, here you go!

Don't be late! Oh, if you were never late you won't be reading this I guess haha.

If you're late you're thinking too much. "I still have to brush my teeth, eat, get my bag ready..." Don't! First thing first, get yourself ready. Clothes, clothes first.

What's the first color that pops up in your head, or see what you got in you closet. Go for it! But, hey don't just pick anything. If you have a top with a pattern on it, see what colors they got and pick one color of it. You can wear it as the color of the pants.

Don't think too long, or you will be late! You have to get to that appointment, or you will be fired. What I always chose are sweaters, sweaters can be cool with whatever pants or shoes. They're always nice to wear and they're comfy. But, if you're late for an important appointment? Go for a simple tee with no graphic or text on it. Just one color, basic it is. Also go for a nice cardigan/jacket/blazer in a plain color, no patterns. Just see what's best.

Just pick what you want to wear on the top. Choose for a black or denim jeans, because it looks good on everything.

Don't think about accessoires, if you want to pick what you want to wear for necklace. Don't. Just don't, you will stare at yourself and the outfit and think too long if it's nice or not. Just don't start with it.

If it's just school, just go for the outfit of yesterday. It's just school! But don't do that the next day, just... don't be late then!

Picking your clothes cost a lot of time, just pick and wear. Because putting it on you also costs time.

Keep your hair simple. For example: brush your hair, and wear a ponytail.

Prepare the day before your outfit, don't make the outfit too complicated. Like adding accessories or too much layers.

Goodluck, and don't be late.

Yige Z said...

I definitely need to take notes on this! Whenever I'm in a hurry I always managed to pick the worst outfit ever...which is probably why I sometimes plan an outfit t he night before

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