1 March 2016

Jep. I did it again. I added stripes to the what to wear post. This is another simple outfit I love! The backpack I added here, is a huge hype/trend? I've seen it on Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr. I also saw it several times on the street. I even saw a post that every fashion lover needed one. Uh, well. I don't, and i'm also not really planning on buying another backpack! I got too much, and I honestly need to get rid of it. Okay. Back to the outfit.

Look at the cute striped dress. I think it's good to have a simple one like this, because you can wear it in different ocassions. In this one, it's a simple all-black kinda outfit. Yeah. Again, the boring black outfit. Well, boring? I don't think black have to be boring at all times haha. It's easy, and you can't really see if it's dirty or not like the color white.

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