31 October 2015


Sometimes I just come up with random names for my weird outfits, I still have pastel purple hair-ish here. But it fade away. You can't really see it anymore right now, if you have me on snapchat you probably already know haha. I'm planning to do my hair again this weekend, so be prepared (I guess!). I'm also planning to film it again, since a lot of people are curious about it. 

I really like the edit I did on this outfit, I don't really wear much color overall but this time I went a little bit crazy. I got the top new from Asos, and i'm really in love with it! I love the print with the flowers, and the colors are so pretty! They look so cool together. The skirt from Forever21 I got in Antwerpen, a few years back looks so good with the top. I got it when I still studied Fashion Design, it was such an amaszing trip and Antwerpen is so beautiful! I really want to go there someday. I also don't really wear those shoes I got from Ebay, but i'm still in love with them. They are really light, and they look really sporty and cool.

What do you think of this colorful outfit I created? A little bit different than you're used to, right?

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