WHAT TO WEAR: Palm trees 6

14 July 2015

This is the second week celebrating my holiday! I didn't do much these two weeks honestly. But somehow i'm always busy everyday. Thinking about a lot of projects, things, blogposts and videos! I want to create more videos, that's why i'm always busy I think. Today i'm starting with a schedule. I worked with it before, a simple excel sheet.. But I suddenly stopped doing that haha.

The weather last week was really great, absolutely!! It was hot like summer, just like in China haha. I made this happy simple outfit for you!

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I really like the black and white palm tree print on the simple jumpsuit. I kept this outfit simple with basic colors and one print. I spiced it a little bit up with the earrings and the colors for the shoes and sunglasses! It's a cute casual outfit that you can wear this whole summer.

Kati said...

That bag is really cool!


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