17 August 2014

This is a post that is in my drafts for over a month now. I'm writing a little review about my new "selfie lens" for my Fuji Film instax mini 8 camera. You can also put it on the instax mini 7.

I got this on Ebay for $3.35 . The shipping was really fast, i'm happy with that. If you're interested, you can get it here.

There are so many different types of "selfie" lenses, it's also called a "mirror lens" on Ebay. You can get it with a bunny, panda, hearts or other funny characters. I picked this one because it's simple and the mirror is big enough to see yourself. Some other lenses has a really tiny mirror. There are also a lot of different colors available. I picked black so it matches with my camera.

First it was pretty hard to figure out how to put this on the camera. On the lens you can see the word "top". You have to put it that way so the "top" is on the top of the camera. I just figure that out when I wrote this blogpost haha. I putted it the other way as you can see on the first picture. Silly me.

Well, the material is strong and it's made of the same plastic material as the camera itself.

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